The State of Virginity

The State of Virginity
I should like you to be free of all worries. The unmarried man is busy with the Lord's affairs, concerned with pleasing the Lord; but the married man is busy with this world's demands and occupied with pleasing his wife. This means he is divided. The virgin - indeed, any unmarried woman - is concerned with things of the Lord, in pursuit of holiness in body and spirit. The married woman, on the other hand, has the cares of this world to absorb her and concerned with pleasing her husband. I am going into this with you for your own good. I have no desire to place restrictions on you, but I do want to promote what is good, what will help you to devote yourselves entirely to the Lord. 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I don't understand why there are people who keep saying that Medjugorje is a cult and at the extreme end there are even those who say that it is a Satanic cult. I find that they are not doing justice to this holy place. Even though they do not believe in the apparitions there is no reason why they should say such a thing. Maybe they do not know what a Satanic Cult really is. If only they would take the trouble to find out more about it they would realize that they have misinterpreted its meaning. A Satanic Cult is a fearful thing - certainly NOT what you can see and experience in Medjugorje. Is Medjugorje really a Satanic cult? This will be the issue of my discussion tonight.

First of all, it is necessary to understand what a Satanic Cult is. The Cult of Satan or Satan worship is in part a survival of the ancient worship of demons and in part a revolt against Christianity or the Church. It is absolutely evil and in complete antithesis to God. Their central feature is the Black Mass, a corrupted and inverted rendition of the Christian eucharist. Practices are said to include animal sacrifice and deviant sexual activity. Worship is motivated by the belief that Satan is more powerful than God and is more capable of bringing about the results sought by his adherents.

Now to go deeper into the meaning of Black Mass characteristic of the Satanic Cult. The Black Mass is a magical ceremony and inversion or parody of the Catholic Mass that was indulged in ostensibly for the purpose of mocking God and worshipping the devil; a rite that was said to involve human sacrifice as well as obscenity and blasphemy of horrific proportions. Other stories of the Black Mass include:
  • mocking screams of "Beelzebub! Beelzebub! Beelzebub!" instead of speaking the holy words of consecration;
  • a wine that may be either urine or blood drunk from a human skull;
  • feasts on roasted human flesh;
  • naked bodies being used as altars;
  • black candles made from human fats;
  • frenzied sexual orgies and newborn babies being crucified alive or baptized in holy oil, strangled and offered as a sacrifice to Satan;
  • young boys' throat being cut to provide blood for the chalice, with prayers to the demons Asmodeus and Astaroth;
  • "Satan" being substituted for "God" and "evil" for "good";
  • crosses being tattooed on the soles of the feet so that the symbol of Christ is continually trodden under food.
Have the Medjugorje priests ever celebrated the Black Mass? Have they ever preached anything about Satanic worship? Have they ever taught the pilgrims how to worship Satan? In Medjugorje, Satan's name is never mentioned. Evil does not exist. Everyone is kind, honest and helpful. Even those who are not normally kind, honest and helpful would embrace these characteristics for a short while during their stay in Medjugorje. Why is it so? How can one choose to do evil in a place where evil does not exist? There is no such thing as the Black Mass in Medjugorje. The words 'Black Mass' do sound fearful, don't they? These fearful words do not exist in Medjugorje. In Medjugorje we do not see darkness. We can only see the light of God.

I have been invited to other non-Catholic churches before. Not that I wanted to go. It was just that my friends were too persuasive to the extent that they kept calling me unendingly - almost to the extent of dragging me there by force. In the Catholic Churches we do NOT look for new members like this. Once there was a friend who told me that she wanted to introduce a lawyer who graduated from the UK to me. I wonder if this is one of the tactics which her church employs to bring in new members. Any woman wouldn't be able to resist such temptation but definitely NOT me. I never like the idea of hunting for a husband especially in such an unnatural way. I have other more important things to do in my life. Well, he has all the 3Cs - career, condo, cash. Couldn't blame the ladies for competing so desperately for him! What is the purpose of going to church? To pray or to hunt for a husband?

Out of curiousity, I went to the other non-Catholic churches to see what was going on and being an extremely picky person I felt uneasy throughout my presence in those churches. I am the kind of person who cannot accept the slightest deviation from the Catholic practices. If I have ever attended the Black Mass in Medjugorje I will never ever mention this place again in my life. The reason why I am so supportive of Medjugorje is because it is more Catholic than the Catholic Churches in Malaysia. Frankly speaking, in Malaysia, I cannot find the kind of Catholic life that I yearn for. I can only find it in Medjugorje and Lourdes.

Human sacrifice, animal sacrifice and deviant sexual activities are never a part of the Church practices in Medjugorje. I haven't seen the priests killing people and animals in the church as offerings to God. And Medjugorje is certainly the last place to go for those who enjoy deviant sexual activities. People are smart nowadays. They know where to go for these activities. Medjugorje is NOT the place for them. In Medjugorje we do not drink urine or blood from a human skull nor do we feast on roasted human flesh. We fast on bread and water.

So, what can we see in Medjugorje? I saw people praying all the time even while walking. Back home, they probably wouldn't do such a thing in public because no one is doing it. But in Medjugorje, even godless people would pray all the time because everyone is doing it. Even those who seldom go to church would find themselves attending mass everyday or possibly twice a day. To a greater or lesser extent, we are influenced by our surrounding environment and by the people around us. So, if we want to live a holy life, Medjugorje is the best place for us. Why accuse Medjugorje of being a Satanic cult? Do you think people who worship Satan would do what the Medjugorje pilgrims are doing each day?

A few months back, a church member who is not very bright was invited to a non Catholic church in Kuala Lumpur. He went there with the purpose of getting a free meal. As I have said earlier, anyone in Malaysia can rent a flat or a shoplot and call it a church and then call himself a pastor. When this church member entered this particular "church", he was given a very lucrative offer i.e to marry a beautiful China woman. Irresistible, isn't it? Any guy would simply say "yes". Why not? The wife is free of charge. Better than taking a Vietnamese bride. To marry a Vietnamese bride one would have to pay RM15000. Well, this guy said that he couldn't afford to support himself and he did not want a wife. Next, he was given another offer i.e. he would be paid RM1000 for marrying this China woman. This was supposed to be a faked marriage. The China woman only wanted the marriage certificate so that she could stay here. He was told that this China woman would not give him any problems. She only wanted to work as a maid here. When he asked for the advice of another church member in my church, this church member told him that since Malaysian wives do not want China maids for fear that they will destroy their families there is the likelihood that this China woman may come here to work as a prostitute instead. So, this not-so-bright church member declined the marriage offer by that non-Catholic church. Why offer him RM1000 when he declined the first offer? The reason is very obvious. There was the intention to cheat this not-so-bright man. Needless to say, this China woman would disappear with the marriage certificate after marriage and he would be left without a wife. Just imagine how heart-broken he would be if he really wants a wife? If he really wants to get married one day, he'll find that he cannot do so because he is legally married to this China woman. Goodness knows where she'll be then. Only after he declined the first offer that he was being told about the truth of this transaction. They had no choice but to give him money to lure him into doing something illegal. The people in that church even told him that he should help people whenever he could. Does it mean that to be kind he must marry that China woman?

The marriage offer aside, how come no one ever says that this particular church is a cult? In fact it is regarded as a respectable church by many. Quite a prominent one too! If such a church cannot be regarded as a cult, then why is it that Medjugorje is accused of being a Satanic cult? Whatever the situation may be Medjugorje will NOT do this kind of marriage transaction business to promote prostitution. Which is more Satanic? The rented-flat church or Medjugorje? Think of it!


  1. Dear sweet bride of Christ,
    don't worry about what people say about Medjugorje. Those who are asuric in nature
    are those who see the devil most easily in others.
    So, let's not think of this guy but of sweet Mother's invitation to surrender our hearts to God's Love. The end will vindicate all. To say it with Sri Aurobindo:
    'God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep. For man shall not know the coming till its hour and belief shall be not till the work is done.'
    The Work: The Kingdom of God on transformed earth.
    God bless you,
    Om Shanti.


  2. Devil knows that God exists & he knows what will happen when the end of the world comes. Therefore, he is trying to pull many souls as possible into hell with him. It goes the same here. Devil knows Medjugorje is real. And he is influencing the minds of these people to say it's a cult, fake or whatever so that others won't believe it's real and repent. This is the reason why we, as catholics, must pray for these non-believers to that they will come to feel God's love.

    God bless you and thank you for this beautiful blog. Amen!


  3. Thank you for the interesting blog. Some time ago I visited Fatima, Lourdes and LaSalette. This was a very moving experience. My main devotion now is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel near my home. Over time I have read a lot on Medjugorje and my opinion has gone from acceptance to scepticism. My main reason for doubting the authenticity of Medjugorje is the Bishop of Mostar's statements. I think that a person has to use faith and reason to discern what the truth is. Best wishes with your vocation. Mike

  4. When I say that I have come to doubt the apparitions - that does not mean that I am calling Medjugorje a Satanic cult. Also, I don't criticize the sincerity of the pilgrims who go there. My understanding is that some good things have happened there. Some people have had good experiences and deepened their faith. So perhaps the answer is somewhere in between - a place where many people went with faith but also a place that was not exactly what we thought it was. There have been other supposed apparitions that never got approved - Bayside NY, Garabandal.
    My second point is: just because I reject Medjugorje doesn't make me a "non-believer". I believe in the Credo, the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the teaching Magisterium of the Church.
    Finally, I think many Christians are looking for a mystical experience - an ecstasy of some sort that will take them beyond the suffering of this world. I have had some difficult periods since I began to follow the Lord. But Jesus tells us "If any one wishes to follow me - let him renounce himself and pick up his cross." The true mark of a Christian is fidelity to the Gospel in hard times as well as good times. Best wishes, Mike

  5. I have just returned from the chapel of adoration. It is a beautiful quiet place to spend time with the Lord. My life has started to become much more simple over time. "These things that I once considered valuable, I now consider worthless for Christ." Phil 3:7 Many things I used to chase after now seem much less important - I love to spend time in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It is my belief that Our Lord wishes that more people would spend time with Him in adoration and realize the wonderful graces to be found there.
    For more information:
    Best wishes to Lavinia and all the members of this blog. I will remember you all whenever I visit the chapel. Thanks for sharing your faith and ideas. Your consecration is very inspiring to me! Mike

  6. Dear Mike,
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your valuable comments. You are right. Life need not be complicated. Nothing can be more important than to spend time with the Lord. The only thing I look forward to each day of my life is to spend some quiet and precious moments with the Lord. I love to meditate on the passion of the Lord. I have actually watched Mel Gibson's "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST" countless times.

    May God bless you! Lavinia