The State of Virginity

The State of Virginity
I should like you to be free of all worries. The unmarried man is busy with the Lord's affairs, concerned with pleasing the Lord; but the married man is busy with this world's demands and occupied with pleasing his wife. This means he is divided. The virgin - indeed, any unmarried woman - is concerned with things of the Lord, in pursuit of holiness in body and spirit. The married woman, on the other hand, has the cares of this world to absorb her and concerned with pleasing her husband. I am going into this with you for your own good. I have no desire to place restrictions on you, but I do want to promote what is good, what will help you to devote yourselves entirely to the Lord. 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


7 January 1844
Bernadette was born in the Boly Mill.

9 January 1844
Bernadette's baptism in the parish church of Saint Peter

November 1844
Bernadette was taken to be fostered by the wet-nurse in Bartres.

24 June 1854
The Soubirous family left the Boly Mill.

Autumn 1855
Bernadette fell victim to cholera.

Winter 1855
Bernadette went into service in her aunt Bernarde Casterot's home.

27 March 1857
Francois (Bernadette's father) was suspected of having stolen two sacks of flour and was imprisoned.

September 1857
Bernadette returned to Bartres to help her former wet nurse, Marie Lagues.

21 January 1858
Bernadette returned to Lourdes and went to live in the Cachot with her family.

11 February 1858
First apparition at the grotto of Massabielle.

21 February 1858
Bernadette was officially questioned on the apparitions by Chief of Police Jacomet.

24 February 1858
Bernadette was questioned by Imperial Prosecutor Vital Dutour.

2 March 1858
Bernadette approached the parish priest to report on the Lady's wish for a sanctuary to be built at the grotto.

25 March 1858
After the 16th apparition, Bernadette reported the Lady's name to the parish priest: "I am the Immaculate Conception".

27 April 1858
Bernadette was examined by three doctors for her possible admission to an institution for the mentally disturbed.

3 June 1858
Bernadette made her First Holy Communion

10 June 1858
A ban on the grotto was decreed by the Prefect and by the Mayor of Lourdes.

28 July 1858
Monsignor Laurence, Bishop of Lourdes, set up a Diocesan committee to investigate the truthfulness and supernatural nature of the apparitions.

5 October 1858
Lifting of the ban on the grotto thanks to the intervention of Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

15 July 1860
Bernadette was admitted to the Lourdes Hospice because of an asthma attack.

18 January 1862
Monsignor Laurence recognised the apparitions as genuine and of a supernatural nature.

4 April 1864
Blessing of the Immaculate Conception statue at the grotto.

19 May 1866
The Crypt's inauguration in Bernadette's presence.

4 July 1866
Bernadette left for the Convent of Nevers.

7 July 1866
Bernadette entered the Sisters of Charity Convent in Nevers.

8 December 1866
Bernadette's mother died.

30 October 1867
Bernadette made her Religious Profession.

4 March 1871
Bernadette's father died.

28 August 1872
First torchlight procession at the grotto of apparitions.

2 July 1876
Consecration of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

8 September 1877
The Parish Priest of Lourdes Father Peyramale died.

28 March 1878
Bernadette received Extreme Unction for the sick for the fourth time.

22 September 1878
Bernadette made her perpetual vows in the convent's chapel.

16 April 1879
At 35 years of age, Bernadette died at 3 p.m.

22 August 1887
First Eucharistic procession in Lourdes.

6 October 1901
Inauguration of the Rosary Basilica.

22 September 1909
First identification of Bernadette's body for the canonical beatification process. It was found intact.

14 September 1912
Inauguration of the Way of the Cross around the hill in Lourdes.

13 August 1913
Start of the canonical process for Bernadette's sanctification.

3 April 1919
Second identification of Bernadette's body in the presence of the Bishop of Nevers.

18 April 1925
Third identification of Bernadette's body.

14 June 1925
Pope Pius XI proclaimed Bernadette's sanctity.

11 November 1948
Monsignor Theas, Bishop of Lourdes, authorises work on the layout of the spring at the back of the grotto where the apparitions took place.

Winter 1954
Construction of the new baths.

11 February 1958
Centenary of the apparitions. Consecration and inauguration of the Basilica of Saint Pius X.

16-23 July 1981
First International Congress held at Lourdes.

14-15 August 1983
Pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II to Lourdes.

25 March 1988
Monsignor Enrico Donze, Bishop of Lourdes, inaugurates the Saint Bernadette Centre of Worship. Fifth church in Lourdes.

Inauguration of the Adoration Chapel next to the Saint Bernadette Centre of Worship.

7 April 1997
Inauguration of the new "Notre Dame" reception centre for disabled pilgrims.

14-15 August 2004
Second pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II to Lourdes.

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