The State of Virginity

The State of Virginity
I should like you to be free of all worries. The unmarried man is busy with the Lord's affairs, concerned with pleasing the Lord; but the married man is busy with this world's demands and occupied with pleasing his wife. This means he is divided. The virgin - indeed, any unmarried woman - is concerned with things of the Lord, in pursuit of holiness in body and spirit. The married woman, on the other hand, has the cares of this world to absorb her and concerned with pleasing her husband. I am going into this with you for your own good. I have no desire to place restrictions on you, but I do want to promote what is good, what will help you to devote yourselves entirely to the Lord. 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

Sunday, December 13, 2009


As I was browsing through the web just now, I came across this comment about Father Slavko Barbaric: It was forbidden to him by the bishop of Mostar to stay in Medjugorje, where he died in disobedience. As I was reading this comment, my mind suddenly flashed back to some years ago when I first decided to do my MA in English Literature. After filling up my application form, I went to see my headmistress and asked her to sign the form. (As my superior, the headmistress had to give her approval and sign the form.) Guess what she did? She said that she wouldn't sign the form for me and she couldn't give a valid reason for that. In order to defend my rights, I really created a row out of this. No doubt she was my headmistress but did she have the right to stop me from furthering my studies? I agree that we have to obey our superiors but what if they turn out to be irrational and purposely make life difficult for us? Do we still have to obey our superiors under such circumstances? Am I being disobedient for pursuing an MA in English Literature when my headmistress disapproved it? Until today, I have never regretted going against her wishes.

Not long after I started teaching in my present school, a colleague of mine told me that his former headmistress had refused to sign his government loan form when he wanted to purchase a house. Again, what right had this headmistress to prevent my colleague from purchasing a house? I told my colleague that when people purposely make life difficult for him when they are supposed to be in a position to help him, then he should defend his basic rights. Even children would rebel against their parents if they were forbidden to watch television by their parents. Why? Because they think their parents are just being irrational.

Bishop Zanic had personally approved Father Slavko's transfer to the Medjugorje parish. Why was he transferred to Medjugorje? Because he was a priest with a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Freiburg in Switzerland. Because the bishop believed that Father Slavko would be the most perfect man to investigate the Medjugorje apparitions and expose it to the outside world. However, Father Slavko ended up being a staunch supporter of Medjugorje and became the spiritual director to the visionaries.

As we can see it, Father Slavko's entire life merely centred around Medjugorje. Until his death on Mount Krizevac on 24 November 2000, he was the mainstay of the Medjugorje pilgrims. Even after his death, his grave and memorial have become a part of everyone's pilgrimage to Medjugorje. If he were transferred elsewhere away from Medjugorje, the pilgrims would still seek him out because their pilgrimage wouldn't be complete without meeting Father Slavko. Why was he forbidden to stay in Medjugorje? His presence there was so important.

After giving his whole life to God and to men, what did Father Slavko ask for in return? He only wanted to bring God's Kingdom on earth, to serve God and men and to live the life of Christ. The motto of his life is not to have anything and to give away everything. What he wanted was to stay in Medjugorje to be in the service of the pilgrims as his presence is of utmost importance to them. Is it fair to stop him from meeting the pilgrims? What he wanted was to climb Podbrdo Hill or Mount Krizevac every day to pray in every kind of weather. If he were transferred elsewhere, then he wouldn't be able to go to Podbrdo Hill and Mount Krizevac every day. Is it fair to stop him from praying on Podbrdo Hill and Mount Krizevac, something he loved to do so much? Just imagine how Father Slavko would feel away from Medjugorje. Surely, he would be heartbroken!

Was Father Slavko really a disobedient Franciscan? In what aspect was he disobedient? Is it fair to say that he died in disobedience just because he did not want to leave Medjugorje? What about his good fruits? There are so many of them. These should not be ignored. Father Slavko is truly a disciple of Christ who had obeyed his Master and followed Him faithfully. He is the living example of how the messages of Our Lady should be lived. Let us always remember his sacrifices for God and for us.

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  1. It is a little Different, God all knowing would not go against his church, and would never put his Church in such position, he is God after all (knows everything e.g. the reaction of a Bishop) and would know who'm he would give a vision or message without creating a position of opposition within the hierchy of the Church. After all it is God's Church and not even the gates of hell will prevail against it. There is no way around this unless God doesn't know everything or the Church and it's ministers are not part of God's will and thus the CH is a false Church which we know it's not because of the uninterrupted apostolic succession. ALL real Marian apparitions in the past have proved total obedience to the clergymen in charge, and never have asked for disobedience NEVER. Disobedience works against Christ's Church and not in favor of it. Do you really think Christ would allow this? Even if the Bishop is totally corrupt? He would find a way without asking for disobedience or schism. The devil wants that not Christ and the devil is very, very subtle and intelligent, he even uses people's faiths and good will's against them, and if I were the devil I wouldn't lie I would distort the truth just a tiny bit and be very subtle about it so that ou think is right as a man of the cloth to disobey and later (after many distortions of the truth) renounce Christ (like many "saints" that have fallen). Think about it and try to be more intelligent and do not let the devil fool you. Imagine if disobedience were a regular part of the Church, THERE WOULD NOT BE A CHURCH.