The State of Virginity

The State of Virginity
I should like you to be free of all worries. The unmarried man is busy with the Lord's affairs, concerned with pleasing the Lord; but the married man is busy with this world's demands and occupied with pleasing his wife. This means he is divided. The virgin - indeed, any unmarried woman - is concerned with things of the Lord, in pursuit of holiness in body and spirit. The married woman, on the other hand, has the cares of this world to absorb her and concerned with pleasing her husband. I am going into this with you for your own good. I have no desire to place restrictions on you, but I do want to promote what is good, what will help you to devote yourselves entirely to the Lord. 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Apparitions of Our Lady at Medjugorje by Father Svetozar Kraljevic is a book that presents a truthful historical account of the extraordinary events that occurred at and near Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, since 1981. Above is a photo of this book which I snapped on my bed. Let us see what Father Svetozar has to say in the introduction of this book.

Before the evening service on June 24, 1981, Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti said to Fr. Mario Knezovic: Father, she really does appear to us. She really does! Now in 2005, Marija gives the same testimony and puts before us the same call as in 1981.

Since June 24, 1981, the unfolding world events, filled mostly with wars, speak of the nature of human hearts and the message of Our Lady.

Many say that the greatest event in their life is what took place on the hill of Podbrdo on June 24, 1981. Pilgrims believe that in this Christ-centered event Our Lady is present in the same way as in Cana of Galilee or at other places where she was with Jesus. As the servant of the Lord, she speaks the words of the Holy Spirit.

The presence of Our Lady meets the need and the thirst of human beings for God. Each person is filled with an intense desire for God and is in deep need for the supernatural. Humanity is curious about God. We are filled with the desire to be the person that we believe we are capable of being. We know that it is possible only in God. This curiousity is expressed in love and faith, and for many, unfortunately, in hate and rejection.

Human beings appear confident, comfortable and self-sufficient and with no need for help from above. However, almost like in a secret conspiracy, unexpectedly, a person extends hands towards heaven and asks for the grace of faith to be rescued from the uncontrollable and threatening world. For this reason, Medjugorje remains a destination of so many who are seeking the face of God. Those who have been climbing the Medjugorje mountains, who receive the sacraments and come again and again speak of the human thirst for Him.

Medjugorje stands as an oasis in the desert. "Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink" (Jn 7,37).

I offer this book to all those who want to seek answers to their life-questions, who face their need for and curiousity about God and who continue being pilgrims in their faith. Medjugorje is a good place for all this to happen.

Medjugorje, the Feast Day of St. Bonaventura 2005.

Father Svetozar Kraljevic

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